DR 3900 Benchtop Spectrophotometer without RFID Technology*

DR 3900 Benchtop Spectrophotometer without RFID Technology*

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Prevent Measurement Errors…Simply

The proven technology you have come to expect from Hach just got better. Built with the future of water analysis in mind, the DR 3900 Spectrophotometer will give consistently accurate results in a simpler testing format.
If you need a portable solution, please call customer service at 1-800-227-4224 for the availability of DR 2800.
*In the US, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, and Colombia the instrument is available with RFID. Customers in those countries should order LPV440.99.00012.

  • Guided Procedure
  • Elimination of False Readings
  • Hands Free Updates*
  • Flexible Connectivity
  • Sample Tracking*

Guided Procedure
The DR 3900 guides you step-by-step through the testing procedure like a GPS, so you can get the accurate results you need every time.

Elimination of False Readings
Scratched, flawed, or dirty glassware becomes a non-issue when your machine takes 10 readings and eliminates outliers.

Hands Free Updates*
RFID technology automatically updates the program calibration factors when you place a TNTplus box near the machine.
*RFID technology currently available in the US, Puerto Rico, Austrailia, New Zealand, and Colombia only.

Flexible Connectivity
Built with 1 ethernet and 3 USB ports, the DR 3900 easily connects to your computer and is programmed to easily interface with Hach WIMS™ or any LIMS system.

Sample Tracking*
Sample bottles with smart tags can easily be tracked with the optional Hach RFID sample-ID system, eliminating sample mix-ups and providing better sample traceability.