Electrical/ Power Quality Consultancy Services

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We offer the following range of services

Power Quality & Load Analysis

  • Investigate unknown breaker/relay trip issues or equipment damages (overloading, earth fault / leakage problems)
  • Power Quality monitoring – compliance check on quality of supply against local or international standards
  • Assess / check on level of harmonics in electrical system (harmonics measurement test report).
  • Power quality impact studies (adding on more non-linear loads?)
  • Analysis of Power Quality Data (you perform the actual physical measurement, we analyze the data for you)
  • Power Quality reports  for submission to SP PowerGrid
  • Voltage dip Vulnerability Assessment (How vulnerable is your plant to voltage dips?)
  • Assessment on existing loading profile (Capacity for expansion? Are loads distributed equally across phases? Inrush loads?)

Protection Coordination Studies

  • Ensuring during an abnormal power flow (electrical fault), protective devices react to isolate the problem with minimum disruption to the rest of the system

Earthing & Lightning Protection

  • Inspecting integrity of building electrical earthing
  • Inspecting integrity of building lightning protection system (SS555)

Consulting Services

  • Health Assessment / Study of Electrical Assets & Networks
  • Based on age, operating condition, historical fault records and international best practices

Professional Engineer (PE) / Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) Services

  • Professional Engineer Endorsements / Submissions to Authorities (SP, BCA, etc)
  • Testing, turn-on & liaising with SP Services / SP PowerGrid
  • Offices, shops, buildings, distributed generator (DG), Grid-Tied PV