Fluke 835 Laser Belt Alignment Tool

  • Time-saving pulley alignment method requires no cross-check
  • Shows offset, vertical, and horizontal angles simultaneously
  • Live corrections validate when precision alignment is achieved
  • Strong magnets mount onto virtually any pulley face
  • Efficient, accurate one-person operation with no training needed


Product overview: Fluke 835 Laser Belt Alignment Tool

The Fluke 835 Laser Belt Alignment Tool is the ideal tool to precision-align belt-driven machines in your facility.

Get more from your belt-driven systems through proper machine alignment. Misalignment can take years off your machinery’s useful lifespan — and lead to time and money spent on unnecessary repairs and replacements, as well as costly unplanned downtime.


Efficient and accurate pulley alignment

The Fluke 835 Laser Belt Alignment Tool provides fast, easy, and accurate pulley alignments to help keep your plant up and running. In just a few steps, you can precisely align all of the belt-driven machines in your plant.

With the Fluke 835, a single operator can quickly and easily achieve precision alignment for all your standard belt-driven machines whose alignment has never been prioritized. The benefits of precision alignment include longer-lasting parts, such as bearings, belts, and seals, as well as savings from reduced production loss and energy waste. ”