FPP – Food Pro Plus

FPP – Food Pro Plus


Per unit $168.00 (inclusive of GST)


FoodPro Plus Infrared Thermometer with Integral Probe

The Food Pro Plus for infrared temperature measurement. Has a countdown timer and a flip-down penetration probe for more accurate confirmation of temperature where a potential problem has been identified. It comes complete with a carrying pouch. Target illumination shows measurement area so user can move closer for more accurate readings.

HACCP temperature danger zones indicated with clear safe/unsafe LED warnings:

Green – temperatures are within safety guidelines and outside danger zone

Red – warning – temperatures are inside the HACCP danger zone and potentially unsafe – HACCP danger zone set at 4°C to 60°C/ 40°F to 140°F

Download a copy of FoodPro Plus Procedures.

  • Quickly scan temperatures without risk of cross-contamination
  • Verify internal temperatures with flip down probe
  • Set adjustable alarms for line check reminders
  • Hand washable – sealed to IP54 standards
  • Two year warranty for standard use