Pocket Pro pH Tester
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Pocket Pro pH Tester


Per unit $217.21 (inclusive of GST)


Take The Guesswork Out of Your Measurements.

Hach Pocket Pro and Pro+ are engineered to deliver accurate results. Backed up with built in performance diagnostics, you never have to guess when to clean or calibrate the sensor. You also get replaceable batteries for convenient field use, and a large, easy-to-read LCD screen.
Confidence in Results
Easy calibration steps and built-in diagnostics for pH testers take the guesswork out of calibrating the sensor to keep it in optimum condition.
Save Time and Money
Easy-to-replace AAA batteries and a convenient sample cup make maintenance and measurements simple.
Ease of Use
The large LCD screen is easy to read; backlighting is included on Pocket Pro⁺ models, allowing measurement in almost any lighting environment.

This product is intended for professional use only.