PPC4 Pressure Controller/Calibrator
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PPC4 Pressure Controller/Calibrator

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PPC4 – Redefining premium performance in a digital pressure calibrator or portable pressure calibrator

  • Now with ranges up to 14 MPa (2,000 psi)
  • 4 ppm control precision now to as low as 1 kPa absolute (0.15 psia)
  • Portable pressure calibrator, available with support in eleven languages

And still delivering:

  • Lowest measurement uncertainty available in a transfer standard
  • 50:1 control precision turndown for extreme rangeability
  • Open architecture with up to four internal and/or external reference pressure transducers
  • Real time measurement uncertainty calculation and display

From the cal lab bench top to 24/7 fully automated production testing, there’s a PPC4™ digital pressure calibrator configuration perfect for your pressure transducer calibration application.

  • Choice of new advanced local user interface with color display and point-and-click navigation or economical basic interface
  • New Command Interpreter allows PPC4 as drop-in replacement for controllers in legacy pressure transducer calibration and test systems without costly software changes.
  • New “f class” Q-RPT module for full scale performance at lower cost

The basic and advanced PPC4 includes all the pressure transducer calibration features you expect in a state-of-the-art digital pressure calibrator

The importance of control precision is increasing with the recent trend for covering multiple pressure ranges with a single calibrator/ controller.

Learn more in “Why control precision matters.”

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  • Portable pressure calibrator, rugged enough for mobile applications and standard shipment without special packaging
  • Advanced user interface with full support in 11 languages
  • Covers the absolute range of 1 kPa (0.15 psi) to 14 MPa (2,000 psi) and gauge equivalent, including very low differential pressure
  • Control precision to ± 4 ppm of Q-PRT span, default ± 0.005% of Autoranged range
  • Three different Q-RPT measurement classes available to fit different performance requirements
  • Measured and delivered pressure uncertainties calculated real-time and available on remote and local interfaces
  • Q-RPTs can be located in an external RPM4 so that PPC4 does not need to be shipped or removed for recalibration
  • AutoRange feature optimizes and sets measurement, control and safety features for the specific range of the test beign run with a few simple entries
  • Dynamic and static control modes with default or user specified parameters
  • Common remote command protocol with Fluke Calibration PPC3 pressure controllers
  • Front panel USB connection and free “cockpit software for full PC-based plug-and-play functionality
  • Multiple remote interface options: RS232 and front panel USB included, IEEE-488.2 or Ethernet and rear USB optional
  • Instantaneous switching between absolute, gauge and bidirectional gauge modes without added hardware or calibration requirements
  • Instantaneous switching between control and measure modes with no pressure discontinuity
  • Automated AutoZeroing while vented at atmospheric pressure
  • 16 SI and US pressure units as well as user definable uits
  • Simple, objective pressure “ready/not ready indicator with user adjustable criteria
  • Automatic pressure head correction
  • On-board, programmable calibration sequences with UUT tolerance testing
  • Automated leak testing routines
  • Valve drivers option for system design
  • Automated self purging liquid trap (SPLT) accessory available for protection against liquid contamination
  • Flash memory for simple and free embedded software upgrades from
  • …and much more